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Green Roofing In Peoria, AZ

green roofing in Peoria, AZ with a PV roof installationEvery industry has their version of green technology and the roofing business is no different. In recent years, there have been new developments in the way that we roof houses and commercial buildings which make the structures themselves more comfortable and energy efficient. Solar panels were just the beginning. Today, the technology that was used to develop those has been adapted to create some new materials that are easier to install and more affordable.

Reflective Roofing: The concept behind reflective roofing is so simple that most of the customers we explain it to think that they should have invented it themselves. The reflective surface deflects heat and lowers the temperature of the building, decreasing the need for air conditioning inside. This type of roofing is particularly popular in Arizona and Phoenix areas where temperatures tend to be warmer than average all year.

a solar roof installedPV Roofing: A step above reflective roofing, PV Roofing uses the solar energy that it collects to store electricity for use inside the building. This type of roofing pays for itself in roughly six years and then can make you a profit if you sell off the excess electricity. You can also collect a tax rebate right now if you have it installed on your home.

Vegetative Roofing: If you've ever seen plants growing on a rooftop and thought it was a mistake, think again. Vegetation on a roof can act as a drainage system and beautify the view for those inside who want to be a little closer to nature. The soil can also act as an insulator, decreasing the heating and cooling costs for the building.

For information on these and other green roofing options, contact out offices anytime. We can provide you a free estimate, some references you can verify, and addresses to locations where we have added green roofing to homes and office buildings. Remember, if you want the job done right, you want Peoria Roofers to do it for you.